AttoMap MicroXRF, TriLambda NanoXRM Microscope, Patened X-RAY COMPONENTS Micro x-ray fluorescence is a powerful spatially-resolved elemental mapping and chemical microanalys..
Wet process clean system Marangoni Dryer unit 1. Superior Process Proformance. 2. Advanced Wafer DHF+Rinse+Dry . 3. Customerize design and upgra..
Vi Inspection with 4M monochrome/color carmera
WM High Sensitity inspectionsystem of 60nm
Tera Evaluator Tera Evaluator using new Thz ellisometer to measurement nontransparent think film thinkness. Non-Con..
Laser Dicing Protection 1. thermal stable up to 350 degree C and during laser cutting, preventing debris 2. Rinse with Di w..
Air Debonder 1. Air De-bond can be used at room temperature 2. Glass, Substrate and other carrier are all applic..
TC wafer 1. With different type(K, R, S type) 2. Customizable 3. Homemade software can correspond to KLA TC..