• EpiTT/EpiTwinTT/EpiTripleTT
  • 產品廠牌: LayTec
    產品簡述: In-situ monitoring the epi process temperature and epi-layer growth rate of GaAs, InP and GaN film

    Nation of Principal:Germany
    Product Application
    LED in-situ monitoring for GaAs,
                                       InP, GaN

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1.  In-situ monitoring during LED epitaxy run:
> emission and reflectance
> growth rate
> wafer true temperature
2.  Unique dual wavelength technology (950nm+633nm/405nm)
3.  Optical fiber signal transmission
4.  GaN、GaAs、InP
5.  Modulized design
6.  Powerful analysis software
7.  Integrated with MOCVD and MBE