• VOS-2900/3900
  • 產品廠牌: Challentech
    產品簡述: Virtual Operation System
    Nation of Principal:Taiwan
    Product Application
    Challentech presents the Virtual Operation System (VOS) series to accomplish users’ request and has delivered over 100 systems in the semiconductor and TFT-LCD leading customers, including VOS-3900 with 2560x1600 ultra-high resolutions. VOS could be operated on different OS(Microsoft 、 Sun System 、 Linux…) and no need to install software on equipment. VOS could have recording option to monitor equipment status for future trouble-shooting. The VOS-3900 cooperates with customers’ state-of-art equipment to have better productivity and reduce risk & cost by reducing operators in production lines.
    Keyword:Smart factory,Central control

1. Centralized control and real time management.
2. Industrial safety  and information security risk control.
3. Increase efficiency while reducing man power.
4. BIOS level record options