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  • 產品廠牌: Suron
    產品簡述: Ultra-high precision metal parts manufacturing
    Nation of PrincipalIsrael
    Product Application1.SMT stencils
                                          2.SMT jig’s for flexible circuits assembly
                                          3.Medical device,m echanical surgical tools
                                          4.Anti-static component magazine for repackaging
                                          6.Optical and mechanica
                                          7.Military parts and components

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1. Providing ultra-high precision metal parts manufacturing
2. Own military-grade precision metal parts manufacturing technologies and materials
3. Developing integrated and multi-technological solutions
4.  provide optimal solutions in terms of: miniaturization, precision, speed, quality of performance, production flexibility, and cost for for the electronics and microelectronics industry.
5. Photo-Chemical Machining (Photo-Etching)
6. Photo-Electroforming
7. Laser Cutting & welding
8. Nickel electroforming
9. High Speed CNC Milling