• MDPinline ingot
  • 產品廠牌: Freiberg Instrument
    產品簡述: fast ingot mapping system for high throughput multicrystalline silicon fabs

    Nation of Principal:Germany
    Product Application
    1. Simultaneous measurement of minority carrier lifetime, photoconductivity, resistivity and sample flatness, all maps at the same time.
    2. Contactless destruction free electrical semiconductor characterization
    3. Mapping capability of minority carrier lifetime
    4. Advanced sensitivity for visualization of so far invisible defects
    5. Automated cut criteria definition
    6. Steady state measurements for extraction of bulk properties
    7. Completely automated for inline ­integration
    8. 2-dimensional brick mapping system for solar grade silicon, one millimetre resolution, measurement time: one face of a brick in less than 1 minutes, automated measurement of all 4 faces

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Measure carrier lifetime of  monocrystalline/multicrystalline silicon bricks and wafers.