• CHRocodile S,SE,K
  • 產品廠牌: Precitec
    產品簡述:  Optical measuring technology

    Nation of PrincipalGermany
    Product Application
    1. Contact-free wall gauge measurement of container glass
    2. Wall strength measurement of balloons &Wall strength measurement of medical packaging
    3. Chromatic confocal distance measurement for the highest demands 
    4. Plastic material thickness measurement

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    Keyword:Interferometric Method for Transparent Thin Films

Using the same white light source as the chromatic method, but with a different optical probe, it is possible to also utilize the spectrometer configuration for the measurement of thin films. When light hits the surfaces of a thin film (between 2µm and 250µm) there is an interference pattern that is returned. By taking a Fourier transform of that signal, it is possible to determine multiple thicknesses at rates up to 66kHz. This measurement technique can be applied to wet or dry materials for the measurement of fluid or film thickness, and even air gaps.