• VOS application in smart factory
  • 產品廠牌: Challentech
    產品簡述: System upgrade based on VOS

    Nation of PrincipalTaiwan
    Product Application
    Challentech presents the Virtual Operation System (VOS) series to accomplish users’ request and has delivered over 100 systems in the semiconductor and TFT-LCD leading customers,. VOS could be operated on different OS(Microsoft 、 Sun System 、 Linux…) and no need to install software on equipment. VOS could have BIOS recording  option to monitor equipment status for future trouble-shooting. The VOS cooperates with customers’ state-of-art equipment to have better productivity and reduce risk & cost by reducing operators in production lines.
    ◎OCR function to capture process data for big data analysis
    ◎OCR fuction to upgrade equipment to auto-recipe-input
    ◎Other option: I/O board, Vibration sensor...
    ◎Integration with HDD raid system to have 10 years event log backup system

    Keyword:Big data、Smart factory、10 years event log backup

1. Basic upgrade for smart production on old equipment
2. Customized solutions to response audit from clients