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  • 產品廠牌: Freiberg Instrument
    產品簡述: Measured the lifetime, resistance, LBIC and Iron conceration of Si wafer, epi-layer, partially or fully processed wafer and compound semiconductor

    Nation of Principal:Germany
    Product Application
    1. Lifetime

                                        2. Resistivity

                                        3. LBIC

                                        4. Iron concentration.

                                        5. Conduction type: P/N

                                        6. Material: silicon wafer, epi
                                            layer, partially or fully
                                            processed wafer, compound

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1. Offline mapping less than 5 minute.  
2. wafer classification based on lifetime data
3. lifetime measurement at steady state (u-PCD also able)
4. Parameter autosetting, access to raw data.