Environmental Protection

Energy saving is our obligation to the environment!

Advocate car-pool, turn Off Lights When Leaving, take the stairs instead of takeing the elevator, use e-paper to reduce the use of paper, promote double-sided printing and recycling of waste paper, use energy-saving high-efficiency LED lamps, resource recycling, etc.

Employee Caring

We look highly upon employee's work -life balance, so we promote varies programs in physical and mental care.

In terms of physical care, in addition to regular sports days, we also provide Gym facilities and table tennis tables for employees to use freely. In terms of spiritual growth, we provide free leisure magazines and lectures, activities.

Our welfare committee also holds several activities such as employee hiking, family day, and employee travel encouraging employees to participate and enhance communication.

Social Participation

Community Participation

Encourage employees to participate in community charity or charity activities or volunteers. For example, we gather internal colleagues to serve as story volunteers, and regularly tell stories to children in remote schools. Colleagues participated in the 30 Hour Famine charity event, the company held a flea market charity sale, and donated materials to Saint Joseph social welfare foundation. We establish Scholarship of student Aid for NTHU and NCTU University.

Social Contribution

We donate to various social welfare groups that need help, such as Saint Joseph social welfare foundation, Children are us foundation, Sunshine social welfare foundation, Worldpease social welfare foundation.

Safety & HealthPolicy

We, Challentech, are the representatives and offer after service for the products in applications of Semiconductor, Compound Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Optoelectronics, and Solar Cell. Our mission is to provide the safety and health working environment to all our employees in order to meet our customers’ and principals’ satisfactions.

Our Commitment:

  1. To Observe the policies of Safety and Health and to Meet the requests of statutes and of countersigned contracts continuously.
  2. To Fulfill the training and education and to Enhance the knowledge of Safety and Health Policy to employees.
  3. To Strengthen self-directed and to Intensify Safety and Health Environment.
  4. To Be Committed to corporate responsibility and Concerned with the employees' physical and mental health.
  5. To Consistency all improvements so as to conduct with our determination for Sustainable Development.