SenSol H

  • BRAND: Sentech
  • DESCRIPTION: Provided a measured system can mount different measured equiptment for thin film solar cell
  • Nation of Principal:Germany
    Product Application

    1. thin film solar cell (a-Si, CIGS)
    2. Sensor we can mount on it:
     a. Ellipsometer.
     b. Reflectometer
     c. Sheet Resistance (4PP or eddy current)
     d. Hazee. Cameraf.Transmissiong. Crystallinity
            (SenSol V)

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Do whole glass mapping.
Glass size: up to 2.2m*2.5m
It can mount differen sensors to monitor process.


  • MDPmap 1. Offline mapping less than 5 minute. 2. wafer classification based on lifetime data 3. lifetime..