STS - M/PLEX ICP Etch System / 208V

Vintage: 2001
ICP Etcher

System Components and Configuration
1.    Advanced Silicon Etch (ASE) with Bosch process
2.    HR Chamber for High Rate Etch
3.    Set up for 200mm wafer (150mm-200mm capable)
4.    MACs Loader for Cassette to Cassette operation (2 load stations)
5.    Carousel vacuum load lock
6.    Helium Backside Cooling (HBC)
7.    Clamp Type: Standard WTC

RF Generators:
1.    Coil RF Power : Advanced Energy RFG3001,3KW
2.    Platen RF Power : ENI ACG-3B 13.56MHZ, 300W

Vacuum System
1.    Load Lock Pump: EBARA AAL10
2.    Chamber Pump: EBARA A30W
Chiller: Affinity PWG-060L-BE27CBD2