• Product Application
    Wafer level packaging
      Quality improvement and cost reduction are realized by the Wafer Level Packaging with no thermal strain for MEMS or quartz   

    Production of functional wafers
      A functional wafer is produced by bonding different kinds of materials, e.g., oxides, dielectrics and optical materials.
    Application to high-value added devices enabled by direct bonding
      Room temperature bonding is used to improve the efficiency of semiconductor materials by direct bonding.
    Three dimensionally stacked device
      Wafers which have Through Silicon Vias (TSV) are stacked by room temperature bonding with no thermal stress.
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 1.Wafers are irradiated with atoms or ions in a vacuum.
2.Oxide film and absorption layers are removed and dangling bond will appear on the bonding surface.
3.These activated surfaces will be bonded only by touching each other.