SENresearch 4.0

  • BRAND: Sentech
  • DESCRIPTION: Measured the thickness, n index, k index of the different kinds of thin film Spectroscopic ellipsometry measures film thickness and refractive index of single layers, and multi layer stacks. Related properties of bulk materials, isotropic and anisotropic
  • Nation of Principal:Germany
    Product Application
    Application for different kinds of thin film, R&D / Photovoltaics / Microelectronics / Organic electronics / Glass coatings / Display technology / Bioscience / Life Science
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    Keyword:spectroscopic ellipsometer

The SENresearch 4.0 is the new SENTECH spectroscopic ellipsometer. Every individual SENresearch 4.0 spectroscopic ellipsometer is a customer-specific configuration of spectral range, options and field upgradable accessories.
 - Widest spectral range and highest spectral resolution(Spectral range from 190 nm (deep UV) to 3,500 nm (NIR) )
 - No moving parts with SSA(Step Scan Analyzer) principle
 - Full Mueller matrix by innovative 2C design
 - SpectraRay/4 comprehensive ellipsometry software(The SpectraRay/4 is the full-featured software package for advanced material analysis. SpectraRay/4 comprises the Interactive Mode for research with guided graphical user interface and the Recipe Mode for routine applications.)