myOSLraser myOSLraser (reader+eraser) is a compact OSL reader for dose measurements in combination with our pas..
myOSLirradiator myOSLirradiator is a beta irradiator (90Sr/90Y) for exposure of myOSL dosimeter used for individual ..
myOSL dosimeter The myOSL dosimeter contains two BeO detectors which provides accurate monitoring of X-rays/gamma ra..
MDPinline ingot Measure carrier lifetime of monocrystalline/multicrystalline silicon bricks and wafers.
MDPinline 1. Inline mapping one wafer less than one second. 2. wafer classification based on lifetime data. ..
MDPmap 1. Offline mapping less than 5 minute. 2. wafer classification based on lifetime data 3. lifetime..